Чиби 2.0
Решила сохранить себе на память:
“ If people knew just how much their life could change for the better, they’d all be racing down to the store to pick out a nice- looking journal and would begin. You don’t know until you just try it, and see for your- self. You have to allow yourself to get lost in the process. You have to allow yourself to play and relax your mind by letting it spill out onto your pages. You have to give your- self permission that the pages can be any thing you want them to be—little scribbles, a full blown-out colorful mess, a whole page
of written words—anything and everything goes. Then, take a look at what you did. You will learn so much more about yourself than you think you know. Also, journals are great ways of manifesting dreams and goals. I have now learned that things I actually write in my journal have about a 90 percent chance of really happening. When the world finally realizes how powerful a journal can be, watch out!”
—Teesha Moore